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Luxion is back with lots of wonderful items to discover!
Among other things, he will offer you an Energetic Emblem that unlocks a flask that temporarily boosts your energy regeneration as well as Metamatter, a geode crafting material.

Starting February 19, Luxion will be waiting for you in the Light's Den, and on February 22, he will magically disappear at 3:00 a.m. PST / 12:00 p.m. CET.

Here are some images of Luxion's special offers! SS Solidarity (Ship) Sprinkles (Mount) Amorous Archer (Costume for the Shadow Hunter) Diggsly's Shadow's Shadow (Ally)

What are you waiting for ? Grab your dragon coins and hurry up, dear Trovians!

Luxion's loot is a way for players who have missed out on time-limited items in the past to collect them directly. You will also find brand new items change out periodically for a higher amount of Dragon Coins. Items will repeat eventually, but it may take a while for a specific loot item to return, so be sure to check back every visit!
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