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It’s back! Like a summer storm, Steel Lightning is ready to add a powerful force to your adventures! First offered in 2016, we know you’ll be thrilled at a chance at this mount again this year!

Steel Lightning Supply Crate [Legacy] and [Fresh]:

1 Steel Lightning Crate – 450 Credits (40 Cr lower than the previous offering!)
3-Pack of Steel Lightning Crates – 1,350 Credits
10-Pack of Steel Lightning Crates – 4,500 Credits
30-Pack of Steel Lightning Crates – 13,500 Credits

Take control of Crimson Lightning’s brother! This crate has the rare chance of offering a Steel Lightning mount, complete with Helm, Saddle and Leggards!

The Wrapped Steel Lightning from this crate is TRADEABLE! Feel free to trade it to your friends, or sell it via trade chat or the Auction House.

Scroll down for the full drop list from the Crates!

Additional great items available for Credits:

Fresh/Legacy: Auction Mannequin – 100 Credits
Fresh Start only: Melisara’s Puzzlebox – 3,000 Credits
Fresh Start only: Wrapped Melisara’s Lunastone
Legacy servers only: Naptime Yata Plushie

The Huuuuuuge Fall Sale!
We also have discounts going on for a huge list of items on the Marketplace – almost everything under the Gameplay tab! Seriously, there is to much to list here... get a cup of your favorite brew and have a browse in game!

Fresh Start: Steel Lightning Supply Crate Drops


Greedy Grimoire
Experience Grimoire
Bound Hereafter Stone
Honor Boost Tonic
Marshmallow Sugar Pumpkin
Bound Tax Certificate
Flaming Pinion
Combat Scroll: Resilience
Combat Scroll: Focus
Combat Scroll: Toughness
Combat Scrolls: Attack


Companion Crust
Expansion Scroll
Building Management Title
Yellow Regrade Charm
Red Regrade Charm
Salon Certificate
Professional Tonic
Super Armor Temper
Super Weapon Temper


Prime Weapon Temper
Prime Armor Temper
Superior Yellow Regrade Charm
Superior Red Regrade Charm
Wrapped Saving Pendant
Wrapped Steel Lightning

Legacy: Steel Lightning Supply Crate Drops:

Meditation Grimoire
Lucky Quicksilver Tonic
Honor Boost Tonic
Vocation Expertise Tonic
Greedy Grimoire
Healing Grimoire
Clear Synthium Shard
Combat Scrolls: Attack
Synthium Soap
Expansion Scroll
Specialization Snowflake
Vivid Synthium Shard

Bound Hereafter Stone
Expansion Scroll
Majestic Tree
Mining Drill
Salon Certificate
Multi-Wagon Upgrade Ticket
Lucid Synthium Shard
Crest Trade Pack Storage
Special Pirate Plushie Trove
Multi-Wagon Upgrade Ticket
Language Proficiency Spellbook
Aurora Storage Chest
Indomitable Hostility Lunafrost
Indomitable Transcendent Lunafrost
Indomitable Tracker Lunafrost
Indomitable Love Lunafrost
Distorted Hostility Lunafrost
Distorted Tracker Lunafrost
Distorted Transcendent Lunafrost
Distorted Love Lunafrost

Wrapped Steel Lightning
Wrapped Serendipity Stone
Prime Armor Temper
Prime Weapon Temper
Radiant Synthium Shard
Resplendent Armor Temper
Resplendent Weapon Temper
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