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The doors to the Public Test Server will burst open, once more, allowing you to explore the upcoming Patch: Garden of the Gods: The Ipnysh Sanctuary! Gather your family, friends, and in-game foes for the first look at all the excitement that awaits you with the latest content. This testing period is slated to start on Monday, August 10, 2020 and is now available!

What can you expect?

Assist the Crimson Watch member, Ardios, with investigating the Torch of Ipnya in Aegis Island, a structure that will fling open the gates to an unexplored place: The Ipnysh Sanctuary. If you wish to start the story quest, you can begin at the Golden Ruins or queue for the Ipnysh Sanctuary through the Instance menu.

The Mistsong Banquet also returns in the form of a second season boasting randomized mobs, 3 additional cannons within the center of the arena, and a reduction of players to 3 from 6!

Or you can try your hand at obtaining and upgrading Library gear into the brand new Immortal Warden's Equipment!

And so much more…

Between trying out and experiencing the newest content, we are grateful for your help in identifying bugs, localization issues, and more. Please provide all feedback and bug reports in the thread {LINK REMOVED}!

For more information about the latest version of the Patch Notes, you can take a look at {LINK REMOVED}! Please keep in mind that these Patch Notes are a work-in-progress and will be updated continuously throughout the testing phase and launch.

To access the PTS, you need to select it through the Glyph launcher:

• Select ArcheAge as a game.
• From the top right, switch the region from Europe/North America to 'Public Test'.
• Select PTS1 for a legacy test world, or PTS2 for the Unchained style test world, complete with the ArchePass functionality. Both of these servers will have the Ipnysh Sanctuary Update.
• You may need to install/update the PTS version.
• Press 'Play' and join the fray!

It's important to remember that Fluffy will not be available during this testing period. However, there will be NPCs placed in the Marianople, Austera, and Diamond Shores that will provide some gear, Mounts, Labor Rechargers, and other goodies to help you test the new content!

Once the doors are open, the secrets of the Sanctuary will be yours!

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