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Welcome back warriors,

A lot has changed in Erenor since we’ve last seen you. Western and Eastern Hiram mountains have been opened, and we’ve been learning more about the people of Hiram and their story. Manastorm crystals can now be traded for wonderful mounts, pets and gliders. However, let us not forget the appearance of the nefarious Black Dragon in Karkasse Ridgelands.

Enjoy a package just for you and get more everyday with the 30-day Homecoming Warrior Login Stamps. We’ve prepared some cloaked Hiram gear for you too; we hope it fits you well! There is also a 7-day Labor Stipend included which should help you get back on your feet. These dangers aren’t to be taken lightly. So good luck warrior, we’ll see you in the Hiram Mountains!

This package is only redeemable by accounts that last logged in before April 1st, 2019 and have a character that has a minimum level of 30.
It can only be redeemed until July 24th 2019.

20x Echoes of Hiram Ticket
7x Cloaked Hiram Guardian Armor
3x Cloaked Hiram Guardian Weapon
1x Cloaked Hiram Guardian Instrument
Homecoming Warrior Login Stamp (30 Day)
7-Day Daily Labor Stipend
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