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Of Guards and Thieves is a multiplayer stealth game in which high-powered guards face off against fast and elusive thieves in a contest of wits. Outsmarting the enemy and shooting your way through to the goal are equally valid strategies. A game with simple rules, emergent gameplay and high replayability, Of Guards and Thieves is sure to be a showstopper in your gaming collection!

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Of Guards and Thieves - New In-Game UI, Huge Map Editor update, Badges, Rebalance, Fix & Improvements and more!
Update 86.21
Hi guys! We're happy to announce the r.86.21 OGAT Official Update release.
Has been a long and stressful task, but now we are ready to move forward with new contents and features for the next updates, can't wait to release more stuff!

OGAT r.86.21 Full Changelog

MULTILANGUAGES SUPPORT v.1 (in testing and costantly updating)
  • Language selection in Settings menu
  • In-Game German translation
  • In-Game Polish translation
  • In-Game Russian translation
  • In-Game Italian translation
  • In-Game French translation
  • In-Game Spanish translation
  • In-Game Japanese translation
  • In-Game Swedish translation
  • In-Game Turkish translation
  • In-Game Bulgarian translation
  • In-Game Brasilian Portuguese translation
  • In-Game Serbian translation
  • In-Game Croatian translation
  • In-Game Latvian translation
  • Steam Page translation
  • Steam Pages German translation
  • Steam Pages French translation
  • Steam Pages Polish translation
  • Steam Pages Japanese translation
  • Steam Pages Italian translation
  • Steam Pages Swedish translation
  • Steam Pages Turkish translation
  • Steam Pages Russian translation (coming soon)
  • Steam Pages Brasialian Portuguese translation (coming soon)
  • NEW Badges icons in Lobby profile pop-up
  • NEW Badges icons in personal profile screen
  • NEW Polaroid Badges icons
  • NEW Veteran Badges - based on account age
  • New Weapons/Gadgets selection GUI +
  • New Cooldown indicator GUI
  • New Timer and Objective GUI
  • New Start match objective UI
  • Polaroid / Death screen remake, now with badges support
  • Objectives arrow indicator remake, now with arrow indicator support for almost every gamemode.
  • New Interaction messages UI
  • New "Kill event" messages UI
  • New "NO AMMO" mouse cursor
  • New Class icons in class selection screen
  • New Skins selection system (placeholder)
  • New Avatars graphic
  • New Shader for 3d class selection preview
  • New Shader for 3d character for End Game podium
  • New Steam Avatars
  • Gamemode objectives icons support for Custom Made Maps
  • New In-Game Map system
  • MAP EDITOR Day & Night cycle support
  • MAP EDITOR Now support Breakable+Interactive objects combo
  • MAP EDITOR Selectable gamemode compatibility when save maps
  • MAP EDITOR Roof visibility option and graphics improvement
  • MAP EDITOR Icons for terrain details painting tileset
  • MAP EDITOR additional vip escape tile added
  • MAP EDITOR All Classic GaT Objectives added (x30 tiles)
  • MAP EDITOR Wall and Roofs decorations object are now available inside ROOFS
    AND DECORATIONS layer, allowing new props combinations
  • MAP EDITOR Carpets tilesets are now available inside GROUND DECORATION layer, allowing new props combinations
  • MAP EDITOR improved Spawn/Objectives visibility
  • MAP EDITOR Gamemode objectives no longer rendered in map image
  • CHANGES: Racing classes now equipped with iron pipe only
  • CHANGES: Sandbox classes now equipped with iron pipe only
  • NEW: AZERTY keyboard support
  • NEW: 4k monitor support
  • NEW: interactive objects: refrigerators and showers
  • Account DB refactoring
  • Rewritten login system
  • Improved Server List system
  • Tombstone Case Tiles now walkable
  • Improved Orange Switch visibility (top indicator)
  • Improved Orange ShutterDoor visibility (now visible if placed over windows)
  • Improved Hit detection for Breakable object
  • Improved Blue/Red protection walls collision
  • Improved Hit Detection for Zombie Rush Big Brains
  • FIX: Custom Skin selection no longer select unavailable skins
  • FIX: DE bomb missing explosion
  • FIX: Office Map Box collision problem (Office A1 area)
  • FIX: Red square under Kart not visible anymore
  • FIX: Zfight problems with carpet tiles
  • FIX: VIP on Red team bug fixed
  • Frag Grenade A Damage: 70 (was 90)
  • Frag Grenade B Damage: 60 (was 80)
  • Caltrop slowdown power: 0.4 (0.3)
  • Scout new HP value: 74 (was 72)
  • Shadow new HP value: 72 (was 70)
  • Zombie Tank new HP value: 170 (was 150)
  • Zombie Smoke new HP value: 100 (was 80)
  • Zombie Runner new HP value: 75 (was 55)
  • Zombie Meat new HP value: 96 (was 76)
  • Zombie Fat new HP value: 150 (was 130)
  • Zombie Acid new HP value: 90 (was 70)
  • Match length for normal mode is now 6 minutes (was 5)
  • Match Length for Racing mode is now 10 minutes (was 15)
MAP EDITOR NEW CONTENT: Urban Security pack v.1
  • NEW Road Signs tiles (x159 new tiles)
  • NEW SideWalks Variant - Asphalt material
  • NEW SideWalks Variant - Brown concrete material
  • NEW Orange plastic fences tiles (x4 tiles)
  • NEW Road security props (x56 new tiles)
  • NEW Switchable Metal barrier
  • NEW Switchable Round metal roadblock
  • NEW Switchable Metal spiked roadblock
  • NEW Emergency exit lights/props (x3 new tiles)
  • NEW Decorative Ground Lines tileset (x100 new tiles)
  • NEW Bulletproof Glass wall corner tile
  • NEW Brekable+Interactive Monitor Panels (x12 tiles)
MAP EDITOR NEW CONTENT: Platforms and barricades Pack v.1
  • NEW Wooden platforms tiles with different elevation (x6 tiles - FLOOR layer)
  • NEW Metal Fence Wall tiles (x6 new tiles)
  • NEW Wooden Fence Wall tiles (x12 new tiles)
  • NEW Wooden Spiked barricades (x2 new tile)
  • NEW Medieval Wooden Wall tiles (x8 tiles)
  • NEW Prison fence wall tiles (x8 tiles)
  • NEW Switchable one-side-only Prison fence doors tiles (x4 tiles)
  • NEW Switchable Reinforced metal doors (x4 new tiles)
  • NEW Prison beds tiles (x20 tiles)
  • NEW Prison bathroom furniture tiles (x5 tiles)
  • NEW Laundry related tileset (x39 tiles)
  • NEW Handrail tileset (x5 tiles)
  • NEW Cafeteria props tiles (x12 tiles)
  • NEW Industrial kitchen tiles (x48 tiles)
  • NEW Storage tiles (x35 tiles)

MULTILANGUAGES SUPPORT v.1 (in testing and costantly updating)

Default language will be automatically selected based on your Country, also can be manually changed inside the Settings menu.


Account type Badges/DLC

Veteran / Account Age Badges

World Chat profile with badges


New Shader for 3d Class/Skin preview

New Avatars graphics


Map Editor Day&Night Cycle (soon in game!)

MAP EDITOR NEW CONTENT: Urban Security pack v.1

MAP EDITOR NEW CONTENT: Platforms and barricades Pack v.1


MAP EDITOR NEW CONTENT: Industrial Kitchen

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