Weapon Feedback Update

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Poi 12 hours ago 
"It’s worth noting that we apply this force in a purely visual manner, so don’t worry about your carefully-tuned drone getting blown off course by a stray laser!"

You had one chance to nerf drones once and for all, and you wasted it. This was your chance to be the infinitely worshiped hero, and you threw it all away. All those years of fighting the offspring of the tesseract menace that once plagued us, wasted on a visual thing. Rails could finally have the stopping power they needed to fulfill their originally intended role by throwing drones completely off course, while normal planes would just be nudged since their aerofoils auto-stabilize/wouldn't be thrown around nearly as much. You could finally tone down flak instead of it completely nullifying normal air planes in the pursuit of ripping drones. You were this close. :<
Walter White Aug 14 @ 3:31pm 
I think low level players are leveling up too quick. I know someone who started playing recently, and he's not exactly a skilled player, but fighting skilled people in matches. I even scold him for building bots too much because then battles get even harder. I'll try to explain to him that he should fight battles first, then when he gets comfortable/bit more experienced with how Robocraft works, he can get serious with building. But I feel like that's a bit much, and not a whole lot of sense. Maybe it's because other low levels are getting legendary weapons. I mean, it's not fun getting rekt in battles. It's hard to get gud when your starting out, and I don't want new players to leave. :( ; -; D:

(But I'll make sure my friend still plays occasionally) :D
ԀЇЅЅөℓѴЇ_2.0 Aug 14 @ 1:56pm 
@Toutchpad Terrorist
...or you could just disable the numbers altogether in your settings if you dislike them that much. Lmao
Toutchpad Terrorist Aug 14 @ 1:46pm 
Currently, the numbers displayed are much too large for a human quickly digest and understand. If I flashed the numbers 4, 7, 3, and 21 on your screen, you'd understand immediately that the second number was an effective hit, and the fourth was really effective.

You can't tell the difference so easily if I were to instead display 4285, 7129, 3845, and 21853 on your screen. What do those numbers mean? Nobody knows, and now they're gone in an instant!

I suggest dividing the numbers displayed by 500 or 1000, and rounding them off accordingly. These numbers are purely cosmetic, they don't need to be pinpoint-accurate. See the example above, the first set of numbers is much more useful than the second set, despite the second set giving you more information.
☭Megalodon ind.☭ Aug 13 @ 3:02pm 
Мегаботов верните нормальных, чтобы их можно было пустить в бой... Сделать карту в робокрафте - легко. Я сам маппер. У вас там 20 объектов и 3 текстуры, в чем проблема расширить карту? Или добавить новую, большую, для мегаботов? В ЧЕМ ПРОБЛЕМА, FREEJAM???
В балансе? Мегаботы с обычными крафтами очень даже сбалансированы, у обычных даже преимущество про урону.
Я играл в робокрафт только из-за того, что я могу выехать в бой на мегаботе, остальное меня не привлекало. А вы опозорили то, ради чего я играл. Грустно =(
ALIPANAHII(ARMATA) Aug 12 @ 7:47pm 
back old robocraft
espinelli Aug 12 @ 12:39pm 
you should really make it so before right as the tech tree came back out and you purchased the research for a gun we didnt get it, and i got so hyped when you can get the weapons but i didnt get any so yeah, you should try doing that
TheStar Aug 11 @ 10:25pm 
(This comment had to be put into seperate comments)This game is not pay to win, people can get good stuff by skill, and even if you drop money into the game to get more stuff, and premium is just a 100% bonus to your awards after a battle. Look, pay to win games are games where you LITTERALLY have to pay, and in the old robocraft, even if you dropped money into the game to get stronger blocks and weapons your robot ranking would go up and you would still face the same challenge. Now its just pay to get good stuff quicker, and all weapons currently are equal. like Laser Wasp = Laser Leviathan. Im not saying you should get laser wasp cause its smaller, every weapon has their sweet spot, like laser wasp is good close range and laser leviathan is good any range.
TheStar Aug 11 @ 10:24pm 
Every weapon has its strengths and weaknesses, and every robot has its strengths and weaknesses. The developers are attempting to make this game not in any way P2W, they already removed purchasable crates, all they are leaving in the game that you have to pay for is premium. I got everything I have in the game by skill, ive seen teams that lose badly to the enemy team because they didn't have skill. The only time had premium was when free promocodes existed.
PigsPlayingPoker Aug 11 @ 8:49pm 
This game has been pay to win for years. How is your much, much lower income doing?