Custom Mothership Skins

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kerra bronzewing Nov 6 @ 4:34pm 
my buns are clenched with anticipation
HECU FOX (fox town) Nov 5 @ 2:35am 
i really like it
Stygimoloch Nov 4 @ 2:28am 
SubFloofer Nov 3 @ 8:59pm 
arent there also more colors? that would be aawweessome
love this game
everyone screaming that the game has no more creativity have none themselves and are bad at the game. I'm a "OG" player if 2014-2015 counts (;
Stygimoloch Nov 3 @ 4:58pm 
Competitiveness is just your poor perspective of the game. It could be that you play sloppily. You obviously haven't seen mortar artbots destroying meta hovers. The devs have listened to the community, your opinion is just part of the minority that nobody wants to hear. This is a news post, go write your suggestions to devs personally.
Stygimoloch Nov 3 @ 4:56pm 
Just cut it out with the damage boost. It will be dealt with sooner or later. If you can't be patient then it's your problem.

Creativity is not something that can be lost, it is something that each player can apply to building.

Progression? First of all you do not progress to 'buy' better parts, you unlock them now. The free parts given are even sufficient enough to get you started.

You want robits to buy more parts? Party with friends, do quests that don't need wins like kill quests or bring a certain type of bot into battle 3 times.

League Arena? No, some players are just competitive by nature. LA is not even played that often. It's more like players think BA/LA is TDM with how poorly they focus on capturing sometimes.
_TR33TS_ Nov 3 @ 2:08pm 
you guys just need to back to the golden age of robocraft. creativity is lost and this game has become nothing but a huge tryhard fest look at the comments on forums. many og players wonder what happened to this amazing game. bring it back to early 2016 this game also has its progression changed so many times DONT DO THAT it just frustrates more players who want to progress and buy better parts but its nearly impossible with the game just being to competitve the game lost its creativity and in my opinion its probably due to league arena being introduced. come on guys just listen to your community and dont let this amazing game die like h1z1.
_TR33TS_ Nov 3 @ 2:02pm