Dev Jam - The Big Free Infinity Upgrade

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Walter White Sep 6 @ 5:12pm 
I was curious so I tried to read the salt. But it covered too many pages. :/
Jackaroo Aug 19 @ 11:42am 
When release?
NiteExtreme/DeyBraek Aug 8 @ 5:12am 
does anyone know the new colours
Cephalopod Jul 31 @ 12:23pm 
Will we be getting ROBIT compensation for the items we own when the update hits and everyone gets infinite copies of everything they've unlocked so far, as well as exclusive golden legendaries?
matejB13 Jul 31 @ 12:14am 
dev jam, totally tasty, 100% natural flavouring :D
Mad Medic Jul 25 @ 5:23am 
i think its better to give veterans gold plated weapons by the account age , not the number of legendary weapons the player has.
it is true that because of the crates update many players can now forge legendaries too early then intended, so thats why i think its better to give veterans/players gold plated weapons detirmend by their account age.

and to be fair, nearly evryone can forge enough legendaries (accept actual new players that joined after the removal of crates) till they reach the ''X part'' number, to get a gold plated legendary

and by the way, please bring old nano's n, fusion towers back, thanks.

since the comment section got flooded, nearly noone could see it anymore, here is my thoughts.
Stygimoloch Jul 25 @ 2:19am 
Concrete update date will be set within 6-8 weeks. Some people don't read the whole thing. Sheesh. About the gold plated legendaries.. I would instead like a player info feature where you can put descriptions on what builds you do, display achievement badges, achievement titles like maybe "master builder" or something. Bots killed, matches played/won for each game mode so players can know what another player has gone through. Add maybe an exclusive profile info theme for veterans or premium users(you can make it gold plated). I'm not really interested in the gold plated legendaries. I want to be able to see other players' stats as well as let them see mine. I'm curious about all those people that can aim mortars and mega rails like a boss.
Mad Medic Jul 25 @ 12:38am 
wings will be fixed @Red Guardian, they forget to mention it. and by the way @butt_hat_mcgee, i got 52 messeges in one night because of your salt spam commenting spree, youre not fixing anything this way, and dont even reply back, there's a high chance i wont even awnser your♥♥♥♥♥♥anymore.
Red Guardian ☭ Jul 24 @ 8:04pm 
Also, no mention of fixing rudders.
Red Guardian ☭ Jul 24 @ 8:04pm 
Not that I hate the fact that everyone is gonna get unlimited parts. But I hate the fact that there's no mention of fixing planes here, or changing thrusters.