Dev Jam #19 LeftofNever on Reconnect

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ZACK NOT STUPID Mar 29 @ 8:03am 
Я надеюсь так разрабов ♥♥♥♥♥♥чит по кд, начиная с удаления тира и введения ящиков
marasovec Feb 16 @ 2:48pm 
AWESOME! Now just remove crates and the game will be perfect!
Windvane Feb 15 @ 9:46pm 
when is water comat going to appear?
LR Feb 14 @ 10:48pm 
Great,this is a AMZ update!This is a epic update!:steamhappy:
Blumenbummel Feb 14 @ 7:30pm 
i really try to play league games and its a shame that we are only 4 people - 4 out of 5 games.

the servers are worse than league of legends season one and it just dont feels right to get kicked, just to loose your mmr and get warnings - when you cant do anything to get their servers work.

i really love the mechanics and gameplay but the competitive system is beyond sauerkraut.

just not worth playing ranked in any way...
Anxiety Feb 13 @ 8:30pm 
So freejam , you made a copy of PUBG , i just noticed that , its Robocraft Royale , but still im in it.
The Angry Commissar Feb 13 @ 1:18pm 
Still a bad game
BerciMan Feb 13 @ 4:41am 
How do you sign up to be an alpha tester for Robocraft Royale?
JCUDOS Feb 12 @ 2:39pm 
Can planes roll normally now?
3z Feb 12 @ 9:51am 
Ого, реконнект добавят, круто. Оперативно, не прошло и полгода с релиза игры. И пяти лет с выхода альфы тоже не прошло.) Молодцы

Wow, they'll get reconnect to us, cool. So soon, less than six months after leaving beta. And less than five years from alpha-test starting.) Gj