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Gareth Borealis Mar 2 @ 5:28pm 
Your 'improvements' to the insect legs means they now curl-up more readily when climbing or walking on uneven terrain, thus the insect-bots (without flight) flip over MORE FREQUENTLY. You've now rendered one of the means of locomotion even more useless. After adjusting the legs for flight, you really should have thoroughly re-tested how they worked on their own again.:steamsad:
Damian030303 Feb 8 @ 12:00am 
Teslas need a little bit more DMG and HP.
KTY Feb 7 @ 6:03pm 
And then how can we fight against the wallet warriors ?
leoRE47 Feb 7 @ 8:19am 
Ok, I'll leave the game untill drones get nerf ._.
cberrios1237 Feb 5 @ 11:29am 
chain guns?
Chantix Feb 4 @ 9:56am 
jgordoputo Feb 4 @ 1:20am 
Trimmer7 Feb 3 @ 11:30am 
i got an idea that will make nanoguns in meta. Instead of 10 secont wait on auto heal have a 10 secont wait on the option to self destruct so they can respawn so people cant just imobilize the enemy team and grab all the towers in battle arena.I think this can solve the nanogun issue:steamhappy:
Moggle Feb 2 @ 10:02pm 
The current main mode setup (5v5, caps in person, impenetrable base shield, etc), is required because of the increased mobility overall of the robots now, and can be fun, but overall the "Battle Arena" mode made for better gameplay.

What is in brawl now is not "Battle Arena"

Since, BA, most things have gone downhill (a bit), except the mobility, which is a definite improvement (but we need larger maps to go with that).

Enjoy, discuss.
Moggle Feb 2 @ 10:02pm 
Calling something battle arena doesn't make it so.
The current 'brawl' mode is just the current main game but with 10 v 10.

"Battle arena" was better than the current main mode;
- It had the three towers with crystals rather than 'mining points' - remember those, ie. you didn't have to be tanky or near ground to contribute to captures.
- It had 8 vs 8 (not 5 v 5)
- It had enemy base crystals that needed to be destroyed (and these could be destroyed if you could get there, even before holding all three towers).
- It had levels within the battle, and depending on the stage of battle (early vs late), dying was variably important (as the respawn time varied with your level).