Dev Jam #18 - _ClulY_ on XP for Building

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⌦ƊOICHLAND Union Feb 5 @ 8:52am 
lefthandedpanda Feb 2 @ 4:32am 
active building, if i ensure my rotate button is rotating, will this boost my exp? want to know for a friend? and also because it will certainly be exxplaiter. i agree with silverdestroyer. or. OR. just remove the CRF. its taking away the individuality. ill just buy thus meta too!
silverdestroyer Feb 1 @ 2:17pm 
just increase the rewards for using a self built bot if personal creativity was what you wanted to inspire in the game.
silverdestroyer Feb 1 @ 2:16pm 
i like the idea but it WILL be exploited
silverdestroyer Feb 1 @ 2:16pm 
.......enter keyboard macro bots.......
Warden Feb 1 @ 9:19am 
This is another nail in the coffin freejam. See how many people will but your cardlife game when they see the pile of rubble that robocraft is becoming
соб@к@ Feb 1 @ 3:59am 
-sinekvalesi.rd- Jan 31 @ 11:16pm 

chazzabrown 31 Oca @ 7:16
i have two questions when are yous going to add a vsync option and 4k resolution

Unstable Slavic♥♥♥♥♥♥31 Oca @ 5:46
So now they are rewarding people for not even going into battle what B.S.

Tipfinger 31 Oca @ 3:36
Cluly is the prototype of a community leading streamer turned another freejam's puppet for money, dont expect anything smart from him. As soon he crossed the door he became another dummy of them, stickin common sense up his♥♥♥♥♥as a full time occupation, as its the very purpose of the whole studio. RC reached another low record on steamcharts this month, and is in terminal stages before complete abandon. And dont worry for FJ they will most certainly manage to scam a few thousands xbox players below 8yo with that intelligence insulting pile pf crap they forcefully pushed to our throats for last 2 years in spite of a constant community constructive warning.
Cpt.Caveira Jan 31 @ 3:53am 
where are the megabots? :( I gonna cry :steamsad:
Honestly Jan 30 @ 8:16pm 
i have two questions when are yous going to add a vsync option and 4k resolution