Plan, Adapt, Eliminate - Coming The week starting May 13th.

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LightingDareX May 14 @ 12:24pm 
Can't wait till they return us PILOT SEATS....
⟨⧹⸜⸝⧸⟩ May 8 @ 4:26am 
@Omalike clearly have not felt how great this game was. Its not about the spent money at all...
⟨⧹⸜⸝⧸⟩ May 8 @ 4:23am 
p2 Also who thinks this recoil idea was cool when you shoot and your bot stutters and recoil back like seizure? thats just what.... again compared to back then we already have something like this. It was in the form of great weapon sound effects and small/mild camera shake. This seizure addition is cringe. Also when I shoot my c6 smg it makes me depressed, how far has it fallen from the sound it had. Its like a freaking muted "pew". Not even normal pew... and this is not normal smg either
⟨⧹⸜⸝⧸⟩ May 8 @ 4:22am 
Few years ago, battles were fun. TTK made sense, durability you felt that directly in fights. Now, any bot you bring feels like it is half as tough as it were if you were to compare it to back then. TTK is insanely fast, energy systems stops you from fighting. Devs intended you to play takes 2 guy and their whole energy bar to burst a bot in a second or two. Or empty your bar and reload like 5 second because all weapons in this moba game reloads like it was an LMG. You try to burst and sustain play means that you are gonna lose in damage almost like all the time, not to mention the oncoming other bots due to how small the map is.
Ben Skywalker May 5 @ 12:10pm 
well things aren't that worse until the infinity update when players can have access to bots literally for free, not even grinding parts for it.
Josalarmartl May 5 @ 9:21am 
Who would've thought that matchmaking is a complete mess since the amount of players is constantly decreasing and they even had to include (badly working) AI into multiplayer matches.

"Make building matter more" - Introducing more and more completely unnecessary and especially unbalanced weapons were one problem when it came to building robots. But then these devs even created the "Robot Factory" so everyone was able to simply download the current META bot instead of trying to make a good bot by themselves. Result were the same OP bots in every f*cking match. Changing between 2-3 game modes definetely won't solve the problem; also the maps aren't that differently.

The comeback of some old maps seems to be nice; same counts for the auto heal removal.
Maybe a weapon removal also wouldn't be bad at some point. I think this is going to be one more garbage update; we'll see...
Henryy May 5 @ 3:20am 
Wow the old maps are finally getting back to the game i remember when i Played on them few Years ago keep the good work FJ :RCHexLogo:
HelmontPC May 5 @ 3:03am 
Bravo chaps. Bring it on!
BoneBreaker May 5 @ 1:09am 
BoneBreaker Gerade eben
@Omalike It's not like that some people bought premium days, premium currency etc. back in the days to support what used to be this game.
Even after it entering beta, drastic changes have been made and people who thought it was a good idea to support and/or invest in this game were left dissapointed realising long ago that what used to be in 2014, 2015 or 2016 was a mere accident and that the devs never knew how to handle the "goldmine" they have found.

Some people (or better said the majority) has been complaining since years and they almost still don't have even a slight chance of seeing the game return to a state which they can bother playing again.

Most toxic people are people who used to love this game but are now deeply frustrated.
The others, Fj's target audience.
Omalike May 4 @ 9:53pm 
To anyone complaining about Robocraft. It is a free game. Its not like you spent 20 dollars on this. You clicked download. And now I am not saying you should not give your thoughts. The manner in which you deliver these thoughts is a little toxic. ROBOCRAFT IS A FREE GAME.