Maintenance Complete!

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AbdelMK Jun 11 @ 3:19am 
Hawk1100 Jun 10 @ 7:12pm 
please add a rotate robot button so people like me can stop building robots backwards cuz its actually needed
Draven2506 Jun 7 @ 3:12pm 
Build, Drive Fight! you're joking right.... Buy, Drive, Fight, pretend you built the same robot everyone is using is more like it.

Started off with the "Attack of the Drones" and has been quickly replaced by another flying T5 shield bot.

If you want to do a major fix that would massively improve the game for those that practice the ethos Build, Drive, Fight, then remove the robot store and wipe anyones robots that have been bought.
Manana Jun 4 @ 11:51am 
Alliés humains plutôt !Tous humains, pas seulement les ennemis!Sinon ils ne prennent pas les bonnes décisions et ne graviront pas les simples bosses sur carte or qu'ils doivent défendre les points dans les arènes!La défaite assurée !
str8fast Jun 3 @ 5:24am 
thx Kris :-)
Zombie Hugger Jun 3 @ 3:19am 
An update fixing stuff is always great.

Just need a way to tell who is a bot in a match and we're set.