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Welcome to the Eldevin Community Group!

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Come join us in game and on the forums as the players and the developers come together to improve the game and discuss future development!

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This years Love Bites is now live! Hunt the Loveless creatures found across the lands of Eldevin to collect new items and rewards until the 25th of February.

We've also added / fixed the following in this latest patch:

  • Animation cancelling on spell effects.
  • Auto targeting was added where you automatically target mobs that are attacking you if you have nothing selected or your selection has died.
  • Item vendor sell price now shown on the tooltip, some prices may vary slightly at times.
  • Updated JOpenGL to 2.3.2 from 2.2.4
  • Increased max screen size to support 4k (UI does not scale - limitation).
  • Conversation window now sizes to the number of answers instead of always showing at least 4 spaces even if there was only one answer.
  • When you click the talent points available notification it now takes you to the tree with the most points in it.
  • Improved WASD movement to be more lenient when it encounters small obstacles allowing it to move around them.

Bug fixes:
  • Melee auto attack can now be interrupted by other spells (when you are out of range for example).
  • Incinerate's Fireball projectile no longer moves mid air when you are moving.
  • Fixed ranges of the following spells to match the tooltips: Blazing Arrow, Storm, Erupt, Despair, Benediction, Miasma, Monsoon and Creeping Vines.
  • Fixed a talent bug where the Overpowered would buff damage by 10/20% instead of 20/40%.
  • Fixed a talent bug where Nightmare would only give 10% instead of 15% if you had two points in it.
  • Fixed a bug where Frenzy and Starlight talents would not give the correct amount of mana regeneration.
  • Changed the PvP battlegrounds achievements from 1/200/500/2000 to 1/25/50/100 and updated the steam achievement.
  • Added some more validation to Lethal Concoction in an attempt to fix a bug where the status effect would stay after exiting the puddle.
  • Fixed a bug where farms could be left behind indefinitely.
  • Fixed various spelling mistakes.
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