June Update Feature Reveal - Balance Pass

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[LoG] WordSlice  [developer] Jul 24 @ 4:33pm 
The Bark Skin Ghor interaction is actually a bug! We're going to fix it up asap.

As for adding a legacy Ghor, I don't think that's a good idea. It'd just muddy his identity and potentially confuse players long term. Long live the new Ghor!
lowziqian_frlcs Jul 24 @ 9:27am 
Hey there, just bought all the expansions after the June update and am having lots of fun playing around with Ghor's new ability (pity I will never again have the chance to try out Ghor's Conduit ability!)

@Devs, just a question:- I noticed when Ghor uses Bark Skin on a previous turn, if on this turn he ends in a forest with HP higher than his "normal" HP limit, Ghor will first gain his Tree Form but then lose the Tree Form immediately when his HP gets reduced back to its "normal" limit. Is this intentional?

I find this quite unfair as it's strictly speaking not "damage" and it makes Bark Skin somewhat less desirable for Ghor to use on himself, which is a shame.

Perhaps this could be fixed by having the HP reduction take place *before* Ghor gains his Tree Form?

P/S Any chance of "legacy" Ghor being added as a Singleplayer-only character? Would really love to test drive his old ability :)
REDWOLF Jul 12 @ 6:53am 
I'd suggest Taking a look at re-balancing Fang. He's a menace to play against and ruins alot of games due to being overpowered. Just a suggestion though! Thanks for keeping Armello great, guys :spiritstone::armellocrown::rotsign:
LarUae Jun 29 @ 12:32am 
Here's another statistical anomaly. Dig with amber gave pretty nice chance of gathering 4 stones in the very early game and I enjoyed it lol. It's sad it's gone. P.S. I agree that it sometimes did nothing.
melkathi Jun 25 @ 6:48am 
Also would like (even if late) sign in as a statisitcal anomaly. Before Dig made sense to pick. It was a choice to increase your odds if everything else fails and you need to get lucky. It also in theory reduced your danger of running into banes and the stranger.

Now it seems extremely "meh". If you are not actively hunting for spirit stones you may never get one. I'll go with +1 stat over it any time then.
melkathi Jun 25 @ 6:44am 
The first sentence of the first paragraphg says the date, @Kkat ;)
Kkat Jun 22 @ 9:39pm 
When will this be implimented. I noticed today that Beheaded still kills a Follower.
RadBoy Jun 22 @ 4:40am 
Thanks for your continued hard work team! With these changes there should be much more diversity in play styles overall. Maybe I can finally play a game with no Twiss user ~
Safiroth Jun 22 @ 3:20am 
You should increase the number of bribe cards to balance the change of the Beheaded card. I don't like the idea of lowering the possibilities of defense against enemies with followers. They are hard as they are, don't make them feel like having a follower an some luck means that the followers are permanent once you get them.
dragoncrescent Jun 21 @ 11:51pm 
Most of these changes are amazing! Way to go LoG!

Only thing that's still a little off is the new Dig Amulet. You're correct in that, like Amber's power before the roulette glow, it's effect doesn't have that sense of affecting the game. Right now, the change to giving you gold every once in a blue moon feels more like a Ring effect than an Amulet one. Amulets are basically character builds. Rings are like perks. Dig, at the moment, now feels even more underwhelming.

I would argue that Dig is almost the counterpart to Favour and Spoil - all of them give you a slight head start in the direction of a win condition. For that reason, I might suggest making Dig's effect "Begin the game with 1 Spirit Stone. You can never go below 1.", or perhaps "Become a Spirit Walker with only 3 Stones, instead of 4." Either way, it would give the player agency to forgo a statistical buff in exchange for a very tangible lead out of the gates.