Sid Meier's Civilization VI

Sid Meier's Civilization VI

Civilization VI Great Works and Trade Update

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zhutwo May 20 @ 9:00pm 
@Kamamura Requiring a high-end GPU for something as crucial as AI would just put you at a severe comparative disadvantage against titles without the high entry cost. AI isn't like graphics where you can just lower the settings and disable features while still maintaining the same gameplay experience. Good luck convincing publishers that the secret to "serious sales" is to drastically shrink the size of your potential market.
Kamamura May 19 @ 9:15am 
A company that employs only one person to develop AI in a strategy game is a joke. Beats me why publishers think customers will keep buying over and over the same game with the same broken AI.

If strategy games publishers want to see serious sales, they should start taking AI programming seriously. There is now specialized hardware for AI algorithms in the form of tensor cores on NVidia RTX cards, so taking advantage of this highly paralellized computing capacity could be the competitive advantage over those who still release strategy games with brain dead AI.
Baruch May 15 @ 2:49am 
makes ai warmonger and deceitful towards each other
drzwellness May 9 @ 1:56pm 
So does anyone know why this game keeps crashing? I have the latest patch and iOS iMAC updates. It will go one or two turns, and then freeze up, sometimes crashing my desktop. I dropped all the graphics to minimum. Every once in a while it will play normal, usually if I have just restsrted my computer, but not often. VERY FRUSTRATING!

Anyone know what is up?

PS - I do not have any of the more recent game add-ons, just the base game plus the early leader expansions.
Diarmuhnd May 8 @ 2:54pm 
Sam Snowman May 7 @ 6:47pm 
Well this is dissapointing. I played twice through the new expansion and loved the diplomacy that actually favoured the player for once in the series.
bizchel May 7 @ 12:38pm 
AI is dead, diplomatic is dead, trade is dead - wanderfull game...:manorgrinning:
stekkos May 7 @ 1:03am 
@ Zaerin: Your comment should be titled "Civilization series review in 2 sentences" :)
Zaerin May 6 @ 4:14pm 
This game sucks. Civ V is the superior title.
jewboyplaya May 4 @ 4:32pm 
AI still broken
i found the exploits ever since gathering storm
AI still unworthy treacherous dickbags
i nuke and slay them all on Diety, that's abt all they good for
weird how still Civ4 was most realistic AI