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Ambiorix was the co-ruler of the Eburone tribe of Gallia Belgica (north-eastern Gaul, modern-day Belgium) who led an insurrection against Caesar’s occupying forces in the winter of 54/53 BCE. Although his real name has been lost to history, he remains well-known by his title, “Ambiorix,” which means “The King in All Directions.”

Unique Leader Ability - King of the Eburones
Ambiorix’s “King of the Eburones” ability allows his civilization to gain additional Culture based on unit cost when a non-civilian is trained. Melee, anti-cavalry, and ranged units also receive bonus Combat Strength for every adjacent combat unit.

Unique Gaul Ability - Hallstatt Culture
Mines provide minor adjacent bonuses for all districts, a Culture bomb of unowned territory, and receive bonus Culture. Specialty districts do not receive a minor adjacency for being adjacent to another district and these districts cannot be built adjacent to the City Center.

Unique Unit - The Gaesatae
Ambiorix’’s elite units are more expensive to train, but receive additional Combat Strength when fighting stronger units and district defenses.

Unique District - The Oppidum
This district is cheaper and available earlier than the Industrial Zone and unlocks the Apprenticeship technology when constructed. It is defensible, offering its own ranged attack, and receives a major adjacency bonus from Quarries and strategic resources.

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