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Yakumo 29 фев. 2016 в 9:35 
rawhammer check bot_gauntletonly is not 1, and don't click on the buttons to start the training course stuff, click on the larger image the buttons are on instead that's been a bug a long time not just since this secutity update.
violentheart 27 фев. 2016 в 14:19 
Issues with the bots using gauntlet only after this update. Also, the training crash course doesn't load.. just continually cycles through the asset loading, over and over.
Suck my Blyat 26 фев. 2016 в 22:02 
I'll worry more about how to promote the game, rather than updating it :v
+! mape^5zaid 26 фев. 2016 в 9:48 
N3tRunn3r 26 фев. 2016 в 9:30 
yeah, it is like in the good ol' days in Q3A back in the 90's
Pointless Entertainment LLC 26 фев. 2016 в 8:24