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Quake Live Update v1068

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Pixeljunkie 7 мая. 2016 в 12:48 
nebu^4L^7a 30 апр. 2016 в 16:32 
I'm not crying. I'm stating a fact. This code was written on purpose to help lower skilled players get frags. People who ignore this are in denial.
dodef 30 апр. 2016 в 3:50 
nebula then go play on lan instead of crying about "broken" netcode
Karlo 29 апр. 2016 в 13:41 
Will there be a fix for statistics for steam achievements? It only rarely counts when the match is finished towards number of matches played.
Faunts (Peter) 29 апр. 2016 в 12:54 

Normally I don't find political jokes that funny, but you get a 1 up from me :)
nebu^4L^7a 29 апр. 2016 в 12:34 
I'm waiting for...

Fix: Removed and replaced intentionally broken bernie sanders netcode/client prediction rewarding badly skilled players, players using wifi and/or puposely lagging their network connections with code rewarding players who actually deserve it.

Fix: Sound event support for up to 32 players seamlessly. (Sound events and hit beeps no longer cut out in high action situations.)
^4Great and powerful Trixie 29 апр. 2016 в 9:27 
Rocket headshots sometimes deal 100 damage to everyone in radius. Without damage fading. Also when gore will return to game?
am1go 29 апр. 2016 в 8:07 
suposse that works , let me test thanks aniway for all
am1go 29 апр. 2016 в 8:04 
how about fix ddos atacks from lamers to vulnerable sheeps just want play quake?
Massacher 29 апр. 2016 в 6:00 
gibs please!