Changes to Megastructures

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rolstone76 May 20 @ 2:27pm 
@ Lord Of Dorkness it's adding extra steps, you have to have the Perk to begin researching the megastructures, and you must unlock them via research one by one.
Nolt Apr 25 @ 8:55am 
Fix the game first, then balance and improve what there is already, and bloat it with more content third
Asuzu Apr 25 @ 8:09am 
Fix the game first, it's impossible to play
Who cares about mega structures, when the game is choking on pops doing jobs shifting.

And even then - the ascention perk for "powerful" megastructures will still be a must-pick.
Whis whole update is not resolving anything.
Get busy on optimizing the game.
Obsidian Shadow Apr 21 @ 8:51am 
I get it that galactic wonders was a "must pick" blocking an ascension slot. Did you consider simply adding another ascension slot instead of making megastructures even more difficult to get?
Just a thought...
Metempsychosis O BILLOfy Apr 18 @ 4:53pm 
Catalack Apr 18 @ 4:48am 
Optimize your game devs.

You need to ADD POPULATION caps remove this stuipd JOB system the ai has trouble deciding on where to put the pop, and TONE DOWN or completely remove migration, its a performance nightmare on CURRENT gen cpu's @ 4ghz+++++,

Since I never see your game ever stress more then 1 core, if you can't multi-thread the most important part, that is draining all the performance from the game. REMOVE THAT PART.

I literaly ran into an AI planet on a NON modded game that had 600 pop in my last game, this is not a joke, the AI was able to get its pop THAT high on a single planet. My own empire had like 20+ with 300+ The constant JOB shifting and migration, was what was killing the games performance down to 20-30fps and CONSTANT stutter all in a modest 400 star system with habitable planet gen set to MIN.
Gh05t_Shi3ld Apr 17 @ 11:37pm 
Had the same thing basically in late game, it was so laggy until I had to restart my computer and reload the game. Then the lag was gone and after long hours of gameplay the lag resurface again. Not sure why maybe its due to memory leak or caching?
Praquenomes Apr 17 @ 6:48pm 
Please team focus in fix the lag, fix the ai, make sectors good again
Alidar Apr 17 @ 1:58pm 
I agree with Zahhak, the lag in the last few versions just keeps getting worse with every update, it's making playing anything larger than a small galaxy nearly impossible after obtaining more than roughly 10 or more colonies, i ended up with over 50, and the lag is horrible, i get maybe 15, 20 minutes tops in between the game nearly freezing from about 30 seconds up to 2 or 3 minutes, sometime the near freezes, which the first time i almost thought it was about to crash, happen a lot closer together, sometimes 5 or less minutes a part, but it does vary, and it's frustrating as he**, something really needs to be done, and if it helps it does appear to happen more often, both shortly before and shortly after an auto save, but it's definitely not the only cause, so please find all of the issues causing it and fix it.
titanopteryx Apr 17 @ 2:57am 
I just got introduced to the idea of a White Hole SJW. Zahhak, I know you weren't SJWing on white holes, but you just taught me that move for any future trolling I do. Thanks.