Dev Diary #99 - Ground Combat & Army Rework

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The Lord Midnight Jan 11 @ 8:04am 
Best guess is currently projected at March release.
PerfectXtreme Jan 10 @ 9:57am 
Any ETA on 2.0? I find myself only playing 1000 star maps (I prefer the scale) but those games take long enough that once I get bored (after i'm sure I've already won)... I can't bring myself to play again until the next patch!

I tried loading up a bunch of mods but vast majority of them are unbalanced, skyrocketing players who know how to play far beyond everything else in the galaxy so quickly you've already won a few years in!
Hebrux Jan 9 @ 8:49pm 
It still seems like this game is far behind EU4's diplimatic masterpiece or it's emphasis on time. The timeline in this game is irrelevant. You can tell the developers havn't focused much on it yet because the UI for the year,date, and time is so small compared to everything else. I wish time stood out more in this game like it does in EU4
Brulikrax Jan 9 @ 11:51am 
I would love to last a bit longer in game. As Admiral_Peck said, the AI placement is abnormally against the player. I find it insanely hard to reach mid game with either a xenophobe, robotic or hive factions. I don't really care about the ground combat, if diplomatically there are no options to evade a conflict. Diplomacy is way to simple in this game.
Ixidron Jan 8 @ 11:38pm 
@admiral_peck: Empires next to yours hate you because of border friction. It's very hard to be friendly with them unless both empires are xenophile. People declare war on you more frequently if your fleet is weak.
admiral_peck Jan 8 @ 1:20pm 
in my experience also, i tend to have the luck to end up right next to empires who hate my guts, and almost every other game they decide to declare war on me just a year or two after i meet them, and they usually win because i dont tend to have the strongest fleets because i tend to spend my minerals on building fleets instead of expanding production. sometimes it seems like they magically roduce fleets from nowhere...
admiral_peck Jan 8 @ 1:16pm 
so... you gonna fix AI empire Planetary construction? or do you think the AI would be too hard to beat if you did that?

also can you add some sort of que for the ports where you can que up a larger ship to be produced as resources become available? this would be helpful in defensive wars i think, and it would allow you to produce more carrier and dreadnought style ships (and i do think you should add in larger ship classes to the base game.
godiokun Jan 8 @ 3:31am 
To answer to Gasparatan, IMO (it is just an opinion) this kind of defense make as sense as nowadays SAM defense (SAM can ripost until being "Destroyed" At this stage of destruction, you are true), and more important it make sense for the current ground combat balancing issue as being attacker is quite easy and do not invole great risks to swarm planets (compared to other Paradox games such as EU).

(Note this kind of orbital canon is common in SciFi, including The Culture cycle which seems an inspiration source for Stellaris)

Anyway, I am not a GD for Paradox and I am sure they will find many great way to balance ground combat.
El_Tres Jan 8 @ 12:07am 
Yea invasions are broken. Planets need more defenses than shields. Also the fortification mechanic is too one sided, you basically have to destroy the entire fortification of a planet to be able to capture it.. Also would love to see the battle taking place on the land like in moo 2.
RabidWerevegan Jan 7 @ 3:32pm 
With surface to air, you could at least require an attackers fleet to be more robust to counter the losses to orbiting ships by speeding up the process at which a surface defense weapon of some sort could be destroyed. Them having more ships in orbit to keep the bombardment going as they take losses durring it.