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Well now!

After ShogunAsh just completely wrecked our leaderboards.... well we thought some balance changes were in order. Plus you know, some things just weren't as fun as we'd hoped, and... yeah we kinda lost a bet with ShogunAsh and we had to make a new gun for the game.

It's called - what else - the ShoGun, and we even recorded new Arnie VO for it! Here it is in glorious action:

ShogunAsh's fave guns are burst fire, so we had to make it another one of those. It's most useful against big crowds, so the later you get it, the more useful it will be.

It's exclusive to Fascism Fighters 4000, and has a rare chance to be in any Weapon Crate. In fact, the chance increases the more times you don't pick it up, so live long enough and you'll see it!

And yup, we've re-balanced the game to make sure it's a lot harder to reach the tipping point that meant you could basically roll over enemies with a combo of a large squad and plentiful Health Pack drops... we think we've hit a good balance now, and even in the late game you have to stay on your toes, avoid as much damage as possible, and prioritise enemies that drop Health Packs.

Full changelist:

  • New weapon -the ShoGun. Burst fire. Added to pool of weapons, rare chance to start with, increases every time you pick up any other weapon. Chance resets once you get it. Brand new Arnie VO on pickup.

  • Super Health Kit added. Rare chance to drop, if you're under 40% of your Health. Restores a ton of HP, makes things exciting when it appears!

  • Fixed a bug that meant you couldn't aim when reloading, or with an empty gun.

  • Reduced the Burner's capacity to 2 clips.

  • Reduced the HP restored by each normal Health Kit.

  • Capped the number of Health Kits that can be spawned, with 3 at any one time. This helps stop the steamrolling.

  • Combo Multiplier capped at 30, to keep the leaderboards healthy and competitive.

  • Rocket Launcher reload time reduced to 2.5 seconds. Now not quite the disappointment it used to be early in the game, where keeping your combo going with it was incredibly challenging.

  • Fixed a bug that saw Champion enemies dropping more than one Weapon Crate.

  • Champions don't always drop a Health Kit now.

  • Reset the leaderboards (don't worry we archived the old ones!)

And that's that! Enjoy, and see you on the leaderboards, and tell us what you think on our discord[]!
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