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This patch makes the 3 monster races power more inline with the other races, makes sure Drox Guild quests are more doable, and fixes a few other minor issues.

1.042 change list:

  • Legion race will now fight with Overlord and Talon monster ships
  • Overlord race will now fight with Talon and Legion monster ships
  • Talon race will now fight with Overlord and Legion monster ships
  • now Drox will hopefully choose races to protect, ally with, ally with other races that aren't hopeless (IotA)
  • Drox will no longer pick Ancient races to keep alive, protect, or form alliances with (IotA)
  • swarm missiles now get 25% attack bonuses like normal missiles (Gavodir)
  • remote mines now use 50% less energy (Gavodir)
  • shield power conduit can no longer increase your shields above their max value
  • fixed not being able to use an item when have enough energy only because of a energy reduction modifier (Starpilot/Tuidjy)
  • fixed a few minor faction problems (IotA)
  • fixed Death Defier achievement (was showing highest ship instead of total) (ScrObot)
  • fixed Doomsday achievement (was showing highest ship instead of total)
  • made it so marine failure prints don't go to log
  • added max chest opening, item identifying, and planet scanning time (Drox & Zombie) (ScrObot)
  • can now click on not showing loot widget to turn back on (Robodemon)
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