Minor Update for XCOM 2: War of the Chosen

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AnJn May 10 @ 3:18am 
What does this change like (o;?
SamBC May 6 @ 3:21pm 
Yeah, it says "bundle" but it isn't actually a bundle in terms of the Steam settings for it. Unlike, say, the complete Civ6. I have no idea why it's like that - given that 2K have used bundles properly on other titles.
Lord Villain May 6 @ 10:24am 
@SamBC "it should work the way you describe; everyone who tries to buy it is getting that error."

Oh it is almost certainly debilitate but just really really stupid as 2K are literally losing money because they are giving the middle finger to folks who already brought their products by giving existing owners less of a discount than those who already supported the franchise.

I like Faraxis, I like their games, I just wish they went independent or found a new publisher that didn't have all of the charm, honesty & class of a used car salesman
[NL]Ben May 5 @ 7:29am 
Still not enough fixes... Game 'hangs' if you manage to get an enemy in an crossfire position and you reveal yourself with the first shot (for over 20+ seconds the AI doesn't know where to go).

Difficulty needs a severe adjustment. Easy shouldn't turn into basically Hard after 2 months.
Emily Motion VFX : Follow May 5 @ 6:50am 
Un des meilleurs jeux que je connaisse. Seul point agaçant, les textes qui se répètent et qu'on ne peut interrompre comme quand le projet avatar progresse et la voix de l'officier qui nous demande de les ralentir, c'est vraiment pénible de devoir supporter ça sans l'arrêter.
CheatAndGo May 4 @ 8:03am 
не запускается(
SamBC May 4 @ 6:56am 
It could be because of the fact both the Reinforcement Pack and the individual DLC that gets you are in the bundle.
ChaoticFairness May 4 @ 3:43am 
Why does this error occur? I don't even have XCOM 2, and yet buying anything of XCOM 2 results in "Oh, you are trying to buy something that already exsists in your library because it exists in a bundle you're trying to purchase".

My guess is, because of the "Free to play" thing on the base game, which is supposed to last for 2 days. So, I'm thinking to wait after 2 days before actually being able to get everything since the sale is too good to pass up, especially with Steam mods adding to the value for free.

I doubt the error is because of XCOM Enemey Unknown/Within, it's a seperate game.
SamBC May 4 @ 2:21am 
@MarkMark it should work the way you describe; everyone who tries to buy it is getting that error.
Lord Villain May 3 @ 7:31pm 
Maybe now you can 'fix' the "xcom 2" complete bundle so that those of us who already bought xcom EU complete, own XCOM2 and want to buy the rest of the dlc.

Literally only letting people who don't own any of it have a discount is penalising people who helped make these games a success for 2K & Faraxis