XCOM 2 Livestream on July 2

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[TXB] Trevalyan Aug 6 @ 9:52am 
When it was 40% off in March, it was $32. Now it's $28 American. You may as well buy it, if you're interested in XCOM.
krugg.the.gamer Aug 5 @ 5:28pm 
Played the game and loved it.. but the price is crazy. It's why I can't touch paradox games most of the time.. if you want the full experience you're dropping a lot of $$. One of these days I'll buy this game, it's truely a gem.. but the price says diamond.
cybertrance Aug 4 @ 10:28pm 
waiting for WOTC to drop a bit more...its out more than a year and still no significant pricedrop? SHAME
Bogdashha Aug 4 @ 7:59pm 
[HN] Aug 4 @ 1:55pm 
Sorry guys, but even at 26,79e, that dlc is still grossly overpriced, especially when the base game is 10e cheaper.

But I'm patient :D
Dead by Teammates Aug 4 @ 11:19am 
Is the price of the DLC ever going to drop? Isn't it one year old or something? Also, by looking to its price history, it was 40% off on March. So why would I pay more to play it now, 5 months later than whoever bought it on March?
RotherHans Aug 3 @ 2:46pm 
From the comments I see you´re still up to your old tricks.
Not fixing bugs and charging a premium for old content.
Never change Firaxis. :steamfacepalm:
kfb 69 69 Aug 1 @ 6:16pm 
?? why can i not change targets is this a bug
Player 1 Jul 31 @ 12:49pm 
Yeah... I didn't bite on the 33% discount on WOTC in the past and I'm not now. -50% or no dice.
772047666 Jul 28 @ 2:51am 
i think it's better to add some chosen enemy element in the last battle after kill all three chosen worrier.