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Visit the official XCOM site[xcom.com] for more information.


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We’re excited to share that XCOM: Chimera Squad, an exciting new story set within the XCOM universe, is now available on Steam. To celebrate the launch, we’re offering the game at an awesome discount. This deal won’t last forever so if you’re interested in taking a trip to City 31, now’s the time!


Your actions in XCOM: Chimera Squad will shape the fate of City 31. Five years after the events of XCOM 2, humanity has driven back the Overlords and City 31 has emerged as a beacon for cooperation and coexistence. It’s home to a melting pot of humans, hybrids and aliens - all trying to find their way in this new post-war world. Many have chosen the path of peace, but there are sinister agents lurking in the shadows who work to destroy the fragile peace forged in City 31.

Enter Chimera Squad, an elite group of agents tasked with keeping the peace in City 31. Each agent in Chimera Squad has their own story, unique set of skills and motivations driving them, all of which you’ll learn in XCOM: Chimera Squad as you uncover conspiracies, breach enemy strongholds and work to keep City 31 from descending into chaos. The future of City 31 depends on you.

Be sure to follow the XCOM: Chimera Squad community hub and add the game to your wishlist here on Steam. Follow the XCOM social channels below to keep up to date with all things XCOM. You can play XCOM: Chimera Squad when it launches here on Steam on April 24, 2020.

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