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Hebe is not only the Goddess of Youth but also a talented musician. The sound of her harp can touch your very soul. She spreads her youthful vitality wherever she goes. She decides to go and see the Envoy of Gaia in order to understand mortal coil better.

Hebe's Harp is also pretty useful in combat. A few notes from her harp can freeze her enemies and leave them completely unable to move. She ca
n also choose to tune a different melody that decreases the enemy's attack. Finally, Hebe's music can also heal her allies and restore their HP.

Stars buff:
  • ✩ Max HP +10%
  • ✩✩ Damage taken -5%
  • ✩✩✩ Damage taken -10%
  • ✩✩✩✩ Max HP +20%

Skills of Hebe:
  • Snowflake Storm: Stuns target for 3 sec.
  • Sounds of Nature: Target’s DMG -10 for 6 sec.
  • Dynamic Music: Nearby party members recover HP per second for 6 sec.

Get ready for what? To grind high end dungeons and ……!?!?
A new XP curve adjustment hit the server! But that’s not all - new Mirabelle quests came along with it!
The new set of Mirabelle quests is for level 86~90.
All you have to do to unlock them is quest Lv86 The Ever Shining Light.

Happy leveling!

  • You can oath to any Eidolon to evolve it to 4 ✩
  • Each oath requires 1x Eidolon Oath Ring
  • Prerequisites for the oath:
    • Eidolon needs to be level 80
    • Eidolon needs to be 3 ✩
    • Eidolon needs to be fed until all 3 ✩ are activated
  • All golden Eidolon accessories are now called Eidolon Token
  • Each token can only be equipped by the correct Eidolon
  • All Eidolons can now equip 2 orange Eidolon accessories and their Eidolon Token

  • Eidolon Guild Hall Event has ended
    • There is the possibility to bring it back (even with different Eidolons), if the demand is high enough
  • Elite Sky Tower and Sky Realm Drop event has started (will end with the next patch)
    • Lot’s of different items can be dropped - even items relevant for the 4✩-system!
  • A special boss on Viridian Steppe (X:556 Y:389) will spawn every 12 hours after death (until next patch)
    • Upon death you will receive a mail with goodies!
  • Gaia Chronicle Event
    • Each special stage has a chance to spawn a chest to drop all kinds of Eidolon tokens

    • Movespeed by transformations in Centurion Battlefield and Good vs Evil has been increased by 25% for each transformation
    • Car mounts are now driven correctly and not ridden like a horse
    • Items Custom Noble Evening Gown (F) and Custom Winged Guard Suit (M) are now dyeable

    Happy gaming!
    Your Aura Kingdom team
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