Age of Mythology: Extended Edition

Age of Mythology: Extended Edition

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dragonfirehammer8816 Jun 16 @ 7:10pm 
in the future will there be a linux version of this game just curious?
xstar960 Jun 8 @ 5:18am 
Please fix all the bugs that are in Age of mythology before moving on to other projects.

This version still has many issues.
Robooze Jun 4 @ 1:51am 
"Sorry, this survey is not currently active." :/
Robooze Jun 4 @ 1:50am 
Age of mythology 2 would be amazing indeed
xJenky Jun 4 @ 1:48am 
Age of Mythology 2!!!
XLightningStormL Jun 4 @ 12:14am 
Uhh, why the hell are you guys posting news here if you don't even bother to put in any effort to say, I don't know? FIX THE GAME? OR PROVIDE SOME SORT OF EFFORT FOR THE COMMUNITY?

Trace Projectile May 31 @ 5:18pm 
Not being rude but I was pretty much certain the game was 'done' since it hadn't been touched in months and months.
Doruo ツ May 31 @ 11:27am 
@Mute Soul u mean the "TAKE THE SURVEY" link ?
Mute Soul May 30 @ 4:36am 
The link isn't working. Am I too late?
xfectivus May 29 @ 5:29am 
Age 4: Input, feedback and suggestions,

1.) Please, add remastered versions of Ages 1-3 into Age 4.
2.) Please, do not change Age 4 into a World, keep it's interaction the same as previous games.
3.) Please, add more then 100 maps, mod packs, ect...
4.) Please, add more then 200 troop count, 10,000 pop. would be nice.
5.) Please, add the ability to make teams of all types, for example, 3 on 3 on 2 on 5, ect...
6.) Please, have two advanced aspects to the game,
a.) City building - more advanced, with more use for Settlers,
b.) Military - As you conquer cities, you have to rebuild the cities into new colonies to advance forward.
7.) Please, add more advancements to the Cathedral: magic, myth, and monsters.
8.) Please, add more characters, and civilizations.

I've thought of many improvements over the years, should have kept a log, this will have to do for now.