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Today's update brings 6 new cabinet models along with a new map that test out improvements to the upcoming Nodes feature.

6 New Cabinets Models

From left to right: Moon Kiosk, VRCade, Triple Force, Moon Kiosk Wide, Podium, Monolith.

Add some more variety to your arcades with these stylish new cabinet models. :) The Monolith and Triple Force cabinets are animated. The Monolith The Triple Force also allows you to change which image channel is used on it using Skins. The VRCade cabinet flashes colors in response to your system audio levels, and also allows you to toggle the VR gear on the shelf on/off using Body Groups. It was requested by AArcade user FunkyPixie, who also graciously donated $45 dollars with his request. (Thank you FunkyPixie for the support!)

Also, a bug has been fixed that might have caused the previous set of new cabinet models to be missing from your list in the past. So you might notice even more new cabinets on your list than these 6.

New Hub Map & Upcoming Nodes Feature

This new map looks strange, but that's because it IS strange. Hub maps are designed to be used with an upcoming feature called Nodes. Nodes are simple physical clusters of items & objects that an instance of can be spawned into any of your worlds. Hub maps, such as the new map hub_construct, are like node factories. They are where you create, edit, & save your nodes.

Nodes are an upcoming feature that are not fully implemented just yet, but are already partially working for users to start testing out. Full instructions for nodes will come in a few weeks when they are completed, but for now the main thing to know is that pulling the leaver next to a node is how you manage them. And also that nodes show up in your library like regular items. If you need help in the mean time, the Twitch or the Discord are the best places to get live chat with AArcade users.

AArcade Creators Meetup & Arcade Tours

Every 2 weeks AArcade users who create addon content using hard-mode tools (like Hammer, Blender, Photoshop, etc.) and I meet in an AArcade world where screenshots of the stuff we are working on are archived onto the walls. We talk about what people have been working on lately, check out the screenshots together that people have shared, and discuss upcoming features & development of AArcade. This is called the AArcade Creator's Meetup, and here is the Twitch VoD of the last one we had on Aug. 3rd:

After this event, we all go and meetup with other AArcade users to tour multiplayer arcades together. Often the person who created the arcades we visit are in there with us, guiding us around and telling us about what we're looking at. This is called the Arcade Tours event, and here's the Twitch VoD of the arcades we toured last time on Aug. 3rd:

If you'd like to take part in these live events, or just want to connect with the AArcade community, you can find us often at the Anarchy Arcade Twitch channel (, or always in our Discord:

I'll see you around the metaverse! Party on!

Change Log
  • Added 6 new cabinet models: Triple Force, Podium, Moon Kiosk & Moon Kiosk Wide, Monolith, and VRCade.
  • Added the new map hub_construct for building & testing out the upcoming Nodes feature.
  • Added a new node style named Loft. It's like a floor node, but taller.
  • Fixed a bug w/ nodes that could cause nodes to spawn in duplicate objects.
  • Fixed a bug w/ nodes that could cause incorrect object orientations when saving.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some people not to get new cabinets added to their default library in AArcade updates.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Body Groups to appear blank on cabinet models.

NOTE: The new map, hub_construct, may not appear on your list if you have disabled detecting maps at AArcade startup. You could go to Main Menu > Settings > Import tab > Maps button in this case to detect it.
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