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Today's small update fixes the old bug of the CD Headphones Wallmount cabinet sometimes disappearing from your cabinet list, and also fixes the syncing of custom skybox materials in user-created maps.

Note that your AArcade will take a few extra seconds to load up as it finalizes this update the next time that you launch it - then it'll be back to normal!

Party on!

Change Log
  • Added Wireframe Toggle to the Commands tab.
  • Fixed a bug that caused certain items & objects to seem to forget that they existed. (Most commonly the CD Heaphones Wallmount.)
  • Fixed a bug that caused 3rd person camera to initiate upon map transition when a custom player model is being used.
  • Improved support for the morphmodel console command to be given a model name explicitly.
  • Improved syncing of skybox materials used in custom maps.
  • Improved Adopt Model to work on models bundled into maps.

At 10:55AM I pushed a hotfix that resolved crash issues with 1st-time-users and some users with odd model IDs in their library.
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