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The metaverse is real.

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Do you make your own levels in Hammer? Today's update makes it easier to share your creations with others with support for cloud-transferring of your custom created maps! It also adds a new Uploads panel to the Transfers Tab, so that server hosts can see what assets their guests are still waiting on.

Filter Servers By Universe
The server list can now be filtered by universe - so it'll be easier to find other servers by the same author by clicking on their avatar at the top of the server list.

Note that older servers won't show up in the universe list because they were created before this feature was added - but they are still joinable through the regular list.

Project Manager (Maps > Level Designer tab)
Advanced users are using the Maps > Level Designer tab to create custom maps for themselves & their friends to use. Maps that are created through this project manager are able to be synced dynamically in multiplayer sessions - so that your friends always see your latest additions & changes that you've made since last time you hosted.

When hosting a server on one of the maps that you are creating, you'll notice a new menu on the bottom left-hand corner of the Main Menu. This is the Re-Upload Map panel. You click this to put your custom map onto the session cloud, or to update the version in the cloud after you've made changes to your map in Hammer & recompiled.

That's it! Now your friends can check out your custom map creations easily in multiplayer with you. Party on!

Change Log
  • Added support for cloud-transferring of custom maps created from the Level Design tab.
  • Added an Uploads section to the Transfers tab, when you are live-hosting a server.
  • Added a "Re-Upload Map" button to the Main Menu when hosting a server on your own custom map. This lets you update the version your guests receive when they join.
  • Added VR Mode Snap Turn as the default VR turn method.
  • Added VR teleportation system for locomotion as comfortable as Count Dooku in pajamas.
  • Improved VR Mode to automatically go into VR mode upon loading an initial map.
  • Added Z Far and Z Far VR to the Main Menu > Settings > Camera tab. Adjusting them also impacts z-fighting on far away holograms against the walls behind them. (Only advanced users would want to adjust these values.)
  • Improved the Server List to let you filter by User Universe.
  • Improved the Server List to always consider cloud-available maps as joinable.
  • Improved obsolete Legacy Support to be opt-in only. (Reduces new user install size by over 500MB.)
  • Fixed a missing material in hub_construct.
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