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Including legendary weapons and a new boss:

- Added a way to create legendary weapons.
- Added 9 legendary effects for those weapons.
- Added a new repeatable boss.
- Added demonrats and treemen.
- Added 13 new challenges.
- Fixed some bugs and issues.

There was this request from a player who likes to tinker with his weapons and he was asking for a way to give them a personalized name and perhaps have them gain additional powers somehow. As it happens to be, that request ended up being on my to-do list in this patch.

If you win bigly you get to fight some nasty demonrats. This new repeatable boss shouldn't be all that hard if you are prepared but if you happen to face one accidentally then there's a good chance that you get to start over.

No more free mushrooms at level 20. Treemen have rooted themselves deeply under mushroom patches and whenever you harvest some blood caps there's a chance you get to chop a tree down. Yes, this is meant to snuff out those new players that have just reached level 20 for the first time.

Nine of the thirteen new challenges are secret, meaning that their description is hidden until they have been completed. This is because they describe the way to imbue legendary effects on legendary weapons and at least a few players should be able to enjoy the wonders of discovery before there's a guide.

There's also some bug fixes but they can be found in the change log.
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