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We recently discovered how useful this group is, and want to use it as a HUB for our Steam Players.

Make sure you join the group chat!

- The devs will be on the chat everyday at various times to get feedback
- Chat is a great way to communicate with other players, we have a very positive and friendly community

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- Premade Friend splitting when searching fixed

(when friends hit search together, often they were breaking up with the message "unable to join game full". We've fixed this, there are still a few other scenarios that happen much less frequently where teams breakup, we're focusing on those next)

- Implimented a system to ban players, along with several bans. You guys are a great community, there have only been a few bad apples this free week

(if you need to report a player for harassment or cheating, please email, please include screenshots, videos etc so we can take a look at the details)

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