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Timeslice 2 kwietnia 2014 o 15:12 
March 24th? How's that going?
Stesen  [producent] 15 marca 2014 o 18:38 
A fix is being looked into, however this is a workaraound that should let you start the game in the meantime.
Stesen  [producent] 15 marca 2014 o 18:38 
Right click on CONSORTIUM in your library, go to properties, click on LAUNCH OPTIONS, and type -window into the box.
Richard 15 marca 2014 o 9:38 
and i forgot to say i'm trying to use the new beta
Richard 15 marca 2014 o 9:35 
I'm on the same boat as Ehop22 'Failed to create D3D Device' my specs are

onboard card processor intel hd graphics 3000, 6gb ram, 14gb free hd space and intel processor i3 for processor
JestfulHam 12 marca 2014 o 18:31 
i was able to play up until today (3/12) whatever random update that happened wont lemme play all i get is this error "Failed to create D3D Device" i did the trouble shoot and it still aint workin
Solidus 11 marca 2014 o 4:38 
Awesome, keep up the good work