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RDSmokey 17. feb 2014 kl. 15:30 
I think I got the right files. I sent both the manual save of everything going bonkers as well as what appeared to be the autosave that was taken before that just in case that might have any clues as to what steps/events happened to cause wires to cross. I've found a relatively easy way to ID the saves using a image viewer for the TGA save screenshots so if you need earlier files let me know. :)
RDSmokey 17. feb 2014 kl. 14:56 
I know my way around screwing with Steam (both to my benefit and detriment sometimes!) Let me poke around to see if I can get the exact save file and I'll be more than happy to fire it off your way. If it turns out to be be nothing but a fluke then great! If it's something dumb on my part then my apologies in advance. I'll get the file to you as soon as I can, let me start digging. :Eye_tv:
Stesen  [udvikler] 17. feb 2014 kl. 11:18 
So you have a save file that definitively causes the problem to happen, while playing from before that save works??

That's great news (from a debugging standpoint)! (Also great news that you can get past it now! :) )

It would be very helpful to us if you would send us the save that always has the problem, just so we can be sure it's not possible to generate another situation like it using the latest version.
Find the file (located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Consortium\consortium\SAVE\[some number]) that ends in .SAV and has the same timestamp as when you made your save (the filenames aren't human-readable, sadly). Send that to

Sorry those instructions couldn't be simpler. Source's save system isn't super-friendly, but at least it doesn't use registry keys or anything like that.

Thanks for your help!
RDSmokey 17. feb 2014 kl. 10:56 
I am playing the Steam version, bought it day it came out :) Now there's some decent news. While the problem was occuring during v.1.1 of the game, updating to 1.107 seemed to fix it. However, the bug was still happening when I loaded the save at the event where you defend the ship. After patching, I had to go to the previous save of Kiril passing out and then took the stairs up to command. At that point, Knight made her threats, Wade opened up the turret, and I was able to proceed with defense of the ship per normal (so much for Knight's threats!) So I think whatever you did with 1.107 fixed the bug so long as I (the player) wasn't already in the thick of things.
Stesen  [udvikler] 16. feb 2014 kl. 12:20 
Are you playing the Steam version or the version distributed from Humble Bundle?

What you just described WAS an issue present in v1.0 of the game, but it was fixed in the first patch. The Humble Bundle version, due to their simple distribution mechanisms, doesn't update itself; you have to uninstall the old, then download and install the new version.
If that's the version you're playing, that should fix the problem. (your save games will become invalid/broken, though, due to the update)

If you are playing the latest Steam version (1.107), and STILL having that happen, then that is incredibly troubling and we'd like to get as clear a set of steps as you can give on how you played the game up to that point. We certainly don't want to leave any of the early game-breakers alive in some dark corner of the game.

Sorry for your continued troubles!
RDSmokey 16. feb 2014 kl. 1:46 
Okay, sorry for being pissy. What happens is that after gassing Kiril I go to Mission Operations and Knight begins to inform the enemy fighters that we have Kiril and that he's fessing up on all the info. At the -exact same time- Wade is going on about how we're about to be attacked (as per the scenario where you might slay Kiril and be forced to defend the ship) and while Knight is talking everything explodes. Unlike the defense scenario the turret isn't even an option so there's no circumventing (what I assume) is the scripting for being attacked. So it's just load-explode-load-explode-load-explode.
Stesen  [udvikler] 15. feb 2014 kl. 21:42 
Not sure what you mean here. Could you clarify?
Are you saying that after gassing Kiril, you go to Mission Operations and you aren't given access to the weapons controls? What happens instead?
RDSmokey 15. feb 2014 kl. 16:34 
I think you guys need to concentrate on scripting errors and even more improvement to the graphic engine- at least the little bits you opted to tweak to make Consortium look different. But I'm tired of the scripting errors. After having to restart the game after the brig bug, I'm now having an error where I capture Kavwhatsisface with the gas and now his fighters STILL shoot the plane down- only now I have no access to a turret. Maybe you're doing your best but the trigger happy planes script has been there from day one and needs to be fixed as a high priority.
Stesen  [udvikler] 9. feb 2014 kl. 14:57 
None of the iDGi team has been having that issue, but we have a pretty good idea what might be happening. One of the patches coming up soon will include an update to the system used, among other things, to generate the HUD. It is likely that that will alleviate many of the strange crashes being experienced by you and a few other people.
Scrubl0rde 7. feb 2014 kl. 22:35 
Anybody else still having crash issues? I can't even talk to kiril because the game crashes when i holster my rifle.