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”Terrors may indeed stalk these shadows, but yonder – a glint of gold.”

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Pet Cemetery Dungeon by Dem, Selafio, Adon, many others in the mod description

Just outside the hamlet, unholy creatures stir in the local Pet Cemetery. This burial ground is home to more than just the remains of the villagers’ beloved animal companions; shadowy creatures, haunted skeletons, and fierce animals claim dominion. But powerful treasures may be discovered at archaeozoological expedition dig sites: search for Pet Keepsakes (rumored to possess wild, unpredictable power), find rare and curious remains from a Bone Collection, or experiment with foul Forbidden Baubles. Gather your party and prepare to explore this twisted, gated place.

Pet Cemetery is a complete dungeon add-on mod with new monsters, gems, quirks, items, provisions, quest maps, secrets, and more. Discover over 50 trinkets from 3 new Collections. Try to defeat 4 new bosses to continue your Darkest Dungeon adventures. Hear diary entries about an ill-fated expedition. The Pet Cemetery dungeon will appear after week 7 as a new map destination to explore + play for the remainder of your game. Includes random Find, Explore, + Cleanse missions, plus new variable-path quest maps.

The Hierophant by Cryptix, 54NBB

A figure with a past cloaked in mystery, the Hierophant desires only one thing: justice for the Hamlet. Charged with bringing his former mentor the Fanatic, the newly minted inquisitor set forth into the unexplored regions of the estate, nearly losing his life upon encountering his old master. Realizing that the Fanatic had grown stronger then humanly possible, the Hierophant fled to the Hamlet, seeking to lead a crusade against these cursed lands, bringing to justice all those who fled from the Light's grace.

Thank you to the creators for their hard work and talent!

If you would like to suggest mods for us to showcase, you can join our Discord here:
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