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We are currently looking into the option of bringing the newer console port version of Lethal League, that was build from the ground up, over to Steam.

This is to finally put an end to several network issues the original has among other things. Of course, it has it's own rough edges right now due to the platform change, so we'd like you to give it go and see how stable it is.

Note you have to use a gamepad to test! You won't be able to play your keyboard or mouse right now, but this will obviously be added if we decide to replace Lethal League with this version.

We've uploaded a version to the Lethal League public_beta branch on Steam. In this doc you can find more information on switching to the beta and some space to leave your findings: Report here

Again, this is highly experimental. But give it a shot!

Also make sure to join the Reptile Hideout on Discord to join the conversation on Lethal League and find fellow testers. Reptile Hideout[]
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