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EMERGENCY 3 and EMERGENCY 2014 back at last

At long last two classic EMERGENCY titles are available to download on Steam. Whether you never played these old favourites or whether you simply want to experience them again, EMERGENCY 3 and EMERGENCY 2014 offer thrilling EMERGENCY-Challenges for the Holiday season!

EMERGENCY CLASSICS premieres EMERGENCY 3 on Steam! With this title the series made the jump to full 3D graphics and offers 20 tense missions.

With EMERGENCY 2014 all the content from EMERGENCY 2012 to 2014 is returning to Steam. Heat Waves, Volcanoes and even meteor showers, EMERGENCY 2014 will keep you busy with large-scale disasters. Please note that it might take a few hours until EMERGENCY 2014 is available to buy again.

EMERGENCY 3 costs 3,99€ or your regional equivalent and EMERGENCY 2014 is available for 9,99€. During the first week you can get our classics for 10% off!
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