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Two Brothers Screen Size Options!

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tannim 2014年1月31日 16時05分 
Really needs configurable keys. I cannot use qwerty keyboard layout and the game is unplayable with dvorak.
To put it in full screen, you'll need to go to Steam Settings, go to the in game tab, and turn the steam overlay off (by clicking the box so it becomes empty). You'll be able to press 0-9 to change the screen size when the game starts. Worked on this pc, at least.
Shoe-Jitsu 2014年1月26日 13時31分 
Hey guys, having the same issue as Dawsbros here... still haven't been able to play the game :/
DaBaws 2014年1月15日 15時01分 
Hi guys... So happy for the last update and your excellent job but,will be spanish translation in the future?
coyot3 2013年12月30日 19時28分 
i really want to play this on linux :(
Abyss_Walker 2013年12月16日 9時51分 
Okay, this is weird... When I launch the game from Windows Explorer, I can press Alt + Enter, and it will go full screen... I can also press the numbered keys and those work as well.

But when I launch it from Steam, it will not go full screen properly. Here's another look, after maximizing the window and pressing some of the number keys:

Very strange.

I hope this can be fixed, I'd really like it if I could launch this game from Steam.

But at least I can play it! Looking forward to the fully optomized controller input (so you can launch the game with a controller, without having to touch the keyboard/mouse at all), that will greatly help my experience. Amazing game! :)
Abyss_Walker 2013年12月16日 7時54分 
Hey Im quite happy to hear you will keep improving the game. It seems pretty amazing, just some annoyances here and there with controller support and full screen.

When I press any of the keys 1 through 9, I get this . It doesn't work.

I have Windows 8 64 bit Pro. Graphics card is EVGA GTX770 4 GB. I have an i7 4770k processor.

So I cant really play the game right now, unless I want to play it on a tiny screen. Im pretty depressed about it because it looks amazing and I just spent 15 bucks to support it :(
Sephiroth1204 2013年12月15日 22時07分 
Thank you for adding the screen options n_n
Luxienai 2013年12月12日 16時51分 
Cheers guys! This helped a lot. Loving the game so far!