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It's been far too long!

Drifter 0.8.4 is now live! This is the fifth release in the 0.8.x series, codename "Event Horizon".

I'm continuing to work on finalizing the various bits and pieces of the game that need to be done for 1.0 but in the meantime I've got a lot of fixes and quality of life improvements rolled up into 0.8.4. My plan is to go back to a more regular update schedule going forward and try and position 0.9.x as a PRE-1.0 shakedown cruise, so to speak.

What follows is a list of what's new, changed and fixed!

  • Added support for the SDL2 Controller API
    • Controllers are hot-swappable
    • Added support for controller button images
  • Added support for configurable joystick deadzones (configuration starts from the old default of 10% and goes to 20%)
  • Added initial HiDPI/Retina support
  • Game can now change resolution without requiring a restart
  • Added loading messages
  • Switched from depth test to occulsion test for sun flares; should improve performance on Intel GPUs
  • System map now supports controller zoom and yaw
  • JoyPointer now fades out if it hasn't moved for 2 seconds
  • Code cleanup
    • reduced number of compiler warnings
    • reduced amount of spurious log messages
    • 3D engine moved to its own source repo
    • Cleaned up configuration UI code
  • Fixed bug where station hitboxes in multi-station systems were not being initialized properly
  • Fixed bug where NPCs were not spawning under certain conditions
  • Fixed trail timer and missile timer bugs

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