Gauntlet Slayer Edition (v2.0) is Live Now!

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NoobLunch Jun 10, 2016 @ 5:52pm 
Forget all the haters, this update is great! Thank you so much for putting so much effort into improving a game that you already finished. People can be very rude and ungrateful, I hope you devs know how much you are appreciated :Smash:
TraceofHatred Sep 30, 2015 @ 1:12am 
I didn't think this game could get worse. I was wrong. Uninstalling.
bigstopowens Sep 13, 2015 @ 11:24am 
i havent played this in quite a few months thought i would start playing again, login start game with elf blast through first level, i wonder what my masteries are at? click on masteries, scroll to elf, why wont it show the bonus i get from them? come here and see they removed them. close gauntlet uninstall game. waves to devs thank you for ruining my time spent on this game
BloodRedGremlin Sep 7, 2015 @ 1:28pm 
Bring back the old masteries! I spent ages leveling the wizard to now find out it all was for nothing. But then maybe thats why the only place you can veiw the masteries is on the main menu, because they know that there worth nothing and not even worth doing.
Masteries = massive waste of your time to earn gold
Goothry Aug 30, 2015 @ 3:17pm 
I just fired this game up after a long break, and am very sad about all of the changes. I can't even express how disappointed I am right now. At the very least please reimpliment masteries as they were. The idea that we want more gold is stupid. I would rather have 1 percent damage increase over gold any day.
Expunger Aug 29, 2015 @ 8:16pm 
I just played a couple of levels and I must say it seems like a MUCH more refined experience. The developers are giving this game good attention. Thanks for the update!
Gold Aug 28, 2015 @ 11:26am 
Why can't I see what I unlock doing masteries now?
Shadow Knight Aug 23, 2015 @ 12:07am 
Just completely ruined the game thanks for nothing.
Susurrus Aug 21, 2015 @ 11:18am 
Could we have the old Masteries back?
I liked the distinction between gold-related bonuses and mastery-related bonuses.
Wingfrog Aug 21, 2015 @ 5:46am 
Thank you all so much for the praise and encouragement of the Slayer Edition update! The devs have all been working so hard to improve Gauntlet and turn it more into what we envisioned from the beginning.
I hope most of you appreciate the changes in Slayer Edition. We'll continue to stick around to keep an eye on your comments and learning about your experiences.

There is more information and full changelog to be found on our webpage.

You can read about the design changes and our thoughts here:

And about enemy improvements here:

This is a simple list of all the changes without our reasoning added: