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Hi everyone!
With its latest patch, Serious Sam 4 became ASUS Aura Ready. This means that owners of ASUS ROG peripherals can now enjoy amazing lighting effects based on what's happening on the screen at any given time during gameplay.

Effect list includes indicators of Sam getting hit, when his health is below 20%, as well as when he dies. We have also added the effects that show up once you clear an objective and a calming effect that will soothe your eyes during exploration.

ASUS Aura is turned off by default. To turn it on, from the main menu go to Options > Advanced Options, and there you will see a check-box for ASUS Aura Ready. Check it and you're good to go.

To use ASUS Aura, you'll need to have the latest Armoury Crate installed on your system. For more info, please check out this useful thread on the official ASUS ROG forums:

Finally, our friends from ASUS made this cool showcase of the effects in action. Check it out.
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