Fuse 1.3 Released!

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Genghis Ron 12 grudnia 2014 o 21:33 
Does this work with FaceRig? just wondering... If so, i could make my own Person, put them on facerig after working on it and mapping everything out, and use it for Youtube. (Remember, this is a question.)
🎮ErichGroomsⅠ🎮 13 listopada 2014 o 16:47 
Download types for SFM/Gmod? NICE!!! I can finally make myself, my OCs, Youtubers (Markiplier, Pewdiepie, Smosh, and etc), and other people in Gmod! This is amazing, but the fuse characters for Gmod/SFM doesn't have face posing and eye posing.
Balmung 10 listopada 2014 o 11:22 
Looks good, must test what's possible with the Toon Models.
xXGreenyXx 8 listopada 2014 o 4:52 
why was this £75?
Artuurs 7 listopada 2014 o 10:44 
How about more clothing, shirts, pants, hats, shoes, animal anthros, more realistic people like from The Last of Us and clothing from good games like that aswell? Just a tought.
DangDut 6 listopada 2014 o 19:02 
Thanks, happy fusing!
stiffy 6 listopada 2014 o 18:29 
The new Toon models are really nice. Fans of big studio flim animation will be pleased with the range you can get with the models.
BlackPixel 6 listopada 2014 o 14:47 
Thanks for the update! Selling it for only 25 bucks IS MADNESS!!!
Binaryrifle 6 listopada 2014 o 10:19 
Thanks a bunch ! :D