Kingdom Wars 2: Battles

Kingdom Wars 2: Battles

Progress with Definitive Edition

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Farron Apr 9 @ 2:47am 
Looking forward to it!
Seems like a huge improvement.
Role player Apr 3 @ 10:07am 
Looks interesting.
Gryphon [FR] Mar 21 @ 3:06am 
Thank you for your investment, I follow you from the beginning and always looking forward to see more. :steamhappy:
Dev Konstantin  [developer] Mar 14 @ 1:21pm 
Hey Everyone - the steam page for Definitive Edition is up:

Keep in mind it uses simply remastered video trailer for now, and we are still working on new screenshots - these should be up within a couple of days. As for the updated trailer - we`ll aim to have this ready in mid-late April.
Dev Konstantin  [developer] Mar 5 @ 2:15pm 
Hey guys - sorry for the delay with replies.

So the wait will be quite long. We are doing this right, completely rebuilding the game from the ground up. From main menu to combat, to even the way it plays - a lot easier to get into games, and more competitive.

Official release is set for the first week of June.

Will have KW2: Definitive Edition up within a week, will also include a lot of screenshots to show off how the game looks now.
Dev Konstantin  [developer] Mar 5 @ 2:15pm 
With regard to the beta that everyone is waiting for - we are looking at another month of work. But it`s well worth the wait - You guys won`t recognize the game. (BUT we are keeping all the good, just improving everything that can be improved, without changing what the game was all about)

Once the beta launches, you`ll be able to play it whenever, and we`ll have updates there every week.

With regard to the undead - if this Definitive Edition release will goes well, we are committed to making an expansion pack with undead as a playable race.

@ KordoX and Matruchus - we will of-course fix the auto-save, and overall improve saving and resuming battles. However, campaign save will remain as is. But we might look into being able to start each chapter from the middle point.
KordoX Mar 4 @ 12:23am 
How long we need to wait? :D
Matruchus Mar 3 @ 2:37am 
Have autosaves been fixed? Any save system added?
tazzler664 Feb 28 @ 1:47pm 
Love this game but more than anything id love to see a healer added to the mix for humans an elves
Vane Senoj Feb 28 @ 11:02am 
Amazing news!