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Patch Notes v1.58

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Durgan Feb 23 @ 10:11am 
Everything feels a lot slower for some reason and the sound is hot garbage
David Feb 23 @ 6:27am Join to get friends
Belmont Feb 23 @ 5:34am 
16 kbps audio ?
Why did you replace all the sounds with some kind of FARTING ?
It is impossible to play :steamsalty:
georges abidbol Feb 23 @ 1:35am 
The sound is a nightmare. Seriously, your game is broken for a lot of users since the beginning of the week and you do nothing. We don't ask you to crunch like hell to eventualy fix a major bug of a minor update, just come back to stable.
aMpeDuPTV Feb 22 @ 8:30pm 
No first touch, no center ball, no clear ball? I can't see anything abt it in the changelog.
daiyobu Feb 22 @ 8:16pm 
Hide locked items it's a good idea, and a way to minimize the inventory, like, stop showing all the same items with different colours and instead show the item and an option to see the colour variants of it.
MackGyver Feb 22 @ 2:02am 
sound is the hell,
the game like this doesnt make fun anymore ,
and my car looks smaller then before,
its weird ,whatever they´ve changed with this update,
i think its gone really bad :steamfacepalm:
cam Feb 21 @ 11:05am 

How about you let us delete locked items?

I have 0 interest in Octane: Deep Challenger, Dominus: Demagogue, Octane:Jetstream, Dominus Oryx, or Breakout: Sticker Bomb.

Why even show these in our inventory if there's no way to interact with them?
Why not just show them in the normal decal page only? At least them I wouldn't have to see these useless things.
Gr8 Tec-9 Hori Feb 21 @ 9:27am 
No cross-platform trade, why ?
Chancelor Feb 21 @ 7:56am