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Tournaments Update Follow-Up

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Zero Apr 18 @ 6:09am 
arreglas el juego?
ShiningLuck☘ Apr 15 @ 1:47am 
The New Tournament Update is nice, but it's missing two key elements that would make it GREAT!

1st (and most important): We need the abilitiy to spectate the tournament matches, preferably Live (at least the Grand Finale.) :rloctane:

Without Spectatability the thrill of the tournament is lose once/if you lose your place in the tournament, thus rendering a tournament to be short lived and often no more desirable then a normal series of matchs. think about it, you have to wait for a tournament to Start as well as any following matches throughout the tournament, while a normal match can be entered almost instantaneously at any time. Adding Spectating would give waiting players something to do.
ShiningLuck☘ Apr 15 @ 1:47am 
2nd: The Tournament function would also benifit from Matchmaking generated tournaments that allow you to Play 2v2s, 3v3s, (and perhaps 4v4s) without the need for a party. :rlxdevil:

Although not vital, this feature would incurrage players without partys to play tournaments too, and would possiably even lead to new friendships and future teams. This would greatly improve the use of the tournament feature. :mt_paw:
ShiningLuck☘ Apr 15 @ 1:46am 
If the tournaments feature isnt much different then playing a series of instant casual matches, why would players wait to play a tournament if they are almost exactly the same.
Make Tournaments meaningful, and they will become a popular and significant new feature!

-Thanks for your time, spread to word if you think these are good ideas. :mt_paw:
weeno2000 Apr 14 @ 1:41pm 
anyone have crates havepainted chrono

freakylevi Apr 14 @ 9:38am 
When can I send a friend request to the nintendo switch PC?
SpoonTheMan Apr 13 @ 9:43pm 
Holy crap, didn't know we were getting free decryptors until it happened to me. Thanks Psyonix!
the.Merchant.of.Souls Apr 13 @ 11:20am 
the game still has problems such high latency, frequent lags, data loss, and warning message of servers offline. I play with the same PC on the same network, and not even the bugs fix update could fix the issues caused by the tournaments update.
Phantom | Jackk⚡ Apr 13 @ 10:29am 
No decryptors for me yet :/
N. Suicide G. Apr 13 @ 10:28am 
Did anyone get their Decryptors yet?