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Hey guys!

Firstly - MouseCraft is currently -33% off and it probably won't be in a similar discount for a longer time, so it's a pretty good time to get it if you still haven't played it.

Secondly - since the launch we have been fixing and adding some stuff, but we didn't feel like they're worth mentioning separately. We thought we will write a bigger post when there's more to tell and I guess now is a good time to do it.

Changelog since launch:

  • Updated Steam integration to Steamworks 1.31 and fixed all Linux issues regarding Achievements, Leaderboards and Stats. It will also allow us to add Steam Workshop support in the future.
  • Increased the performance and quality of videos for Mac OSX.
  • Added full keyboard support - now you can play the game solely with a keyboard.
  • Added Xbox gamepad support for Windows and Mac OSX (support for Linux is pretty experimental). Details below.
  • Added 2 new languages: Italian and Dutch (thanks to Puxxup and jpelgrom)
  • Added Polish descriptions and names for Achievements (thanks to RobeN)
  • Added a "language sniffing" mechanism - the game will now set the language according to the operating system language (if there is no other language setting saved already).
  • Optimized a lot of graphics stuff - reduced the number of draw calls by 30%.
  • Added functionality to Effects toggle - setting effects to "off" will result in launching the game in a mode suitable for older, low-end computers.
  • Added a green outline showing the currently active Moving Brick.
  • Moved all brick outlines to a higher layer so they are more visible during Active Pause.
  • Feature cutscenes will no longer appear if you have already completed the level where the feature was introduced.
  • Lots of Level Editor bugfixes.

Gamepad support
  • Windows: Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers should work out of the box if you have the necessary drivers. A PS3 controller can be used with Motionin Joy[] application and emulating Xbox 360 controller.
  • Mac OSX: requires free 3rd party driver by Tattiebogle[].
  • Linux: We're not really sure it will work - it really depends on the drivers.

Oh, and here's a little image showing the controls scheme for Xbox controller:

Hope you'll like it!

Crunching Koalas
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