OMSI 2 Add-on Bus Company Simulator - Update

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Михаил1985 Mar 10 @ 8:35am 
Какой смысл играть если меню на английском. Разработчики переведите геймплей на русский язык!
Trucker Mar 7 @ 9:11am 
PeDePe Mar 6 @ 4:22am 
These features were implemented in the 3D company premise at the request of the community. We had also about 10 updates in 2018 with new features und bug fixes, that were installed automatically (not with Steam). You can find the changelog of all updates in our forum ( .
@Dionysusnu: The english translation is finished since release, we only found 2-3 missing translations, which we have added with this update.
Start adding more features it's boring just driving and knowing that someone is near u and u can't see them start adding new stuff
stringbean6 Mar 5 @ 2:26pm 
Toilets??? Um, Ok then. Toilets and an English translation! Wow, you're really spoiling us!
Dionysusnu Mar 5 @ 7:48am 
1 and a half year later and ONLY NOW have you finished the English translation? This really shows how bad this DLC is.
Obersturmführer Schorsch Mar 5 @ 7:21am 
-rep cancer
Obersturmführer Schorsch Mar 5 @ 7:21am 
Igoroso Mar 5 @ 6:56am 
with this price? hahaha, NO!