Community Update 175

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marlonmadriz00 Mar 27 @ 11:41am 
marlonmadriz00 Mar 27 @ 11:41am 
Someone to help me improve un rust
pustinjski Mar 27 @ 8:14am 
rust is dead ... look i can see my comment i left 5 days ago and its on the 1st page ... lul ... i think facepunch trolled themself at the end ... gg devs
Revy Mar 27 @ 7:58am 
nice :D
preyb4ur84t Mar 26 @ 8:02pm 
Morganwoods cool video :)
diablo09 Mar 23 @ 5:19pm 
Can you please push timed releases. Early access was nice, with timed releases... now this has become crappy with random releases... creating a pain for server admins who have literally no clue when the update now comes in.
Mad Man Mar 22 @ 2:43pm 
More than any other game? You play PUBG lately?
pustinjski Mar 22 @ 8:48am 
Lots of musical moments, how to solo to AK, Vertiigo returns ... lulz
dj Morgy ♡ Mar 21 @ 11:37pm