Maia 0.66: Caves of Steel

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Gjafar Jun 6 @ 10:45pm 
Maia.exe want's to change my Browser-Settings in Firefox.
Looks like malware to me!
Thasan Apr 3 @ 9:31am 
hi! just tried to play new version and my camera spins on ever move of the mouse. is it intentional or bug? is there a way to disable that?!
thecrashninja Mar 21 @ 6:25pm 
Also, a good number of colonists would rather die of fatigue than sleep in one of the 8 or 10 beds i have made.
thecrashninja Mar 21 @ 5:52pm 
@Simon, so i have been playing the new update for a few hours now, and one thing i have noticed ( colony ending issue actually ) is that the colonists, refuse to make food, harvest crops or eat once there are no more ration packs. I have 3 food processing stations that are fully accessable, and plenty of power to run them. they just dont bother harvesting crops or making food. I have prioritized ration packs, and they just ignore making them. ( i have crops fully grown, and chickens a plenty )
Any ideas as to what can be causing this starvation issue with the colonists?
War Chicken Mar 2 @ 6:02pm 
If there are 2 chickens they try to avoid asphyxiation.

Excuse me, what?
rob29585 Feb 18 @ 2:10pm 
im on windows 10 home 64bit
simon  [developer] Feb 17 @ 9:05am 
@rob29585 You may need to verify your game cache on Steam. What OS are you on?
DarkLord7854 Feb 17 @ 5:27am 
Running into weird situations where if all my crop types got hit by a blight, even if there's prepared and raw food in the kitchen, tons of alive chickens (and also marked for killing), and still have some plants viable without blight, my colonists simply refuse to eat and slowly starve to death
rob29585 Feb 17 @ 12:48am 
game crashes when building imps
simon  [developer] Feb 15 @ 2:00pm 
I decided against though, as the utility robot was going to become the more general use robot. It's designed so you can place anything on it, eg the top of a turret. That might still happen, although a fire fighting version is the highest priority.