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Introducing Constant C: Alpha, the official prologue to the hit puzzle-platformer game, Constant C!

The origins of the Superluminal Project and its key players are revealed through this official tie-in comic. Read Volume One for free in its entirety here:

The [Superluminal Project] was initiated by the most brilliant scientists on earth under the guidance of the President and Professor Nicholas in the hopes of controlling the flow of time and space itself. The project was developed in a remote outer space research station with the full backing of the earth government. No expense was spared and the amount of resources dedicated to the project was unheard of in human history. This monumental undertaking bore with it the hopes and the expectations of all mankind regarding space and time travel... but how did such a project come to be? Who were the scientists bold enough to attempt controlling time and space? Find out now in Constant C: Alpha!
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